Community Futures; Meridian Region

Community Futures are:

Non-Profit Organizations guided by a volunteer board of directors and staffed with business professionals, who together are actively engaged in helping to develop and implement community-based economic development strategies.

Entrepreneurial development centres that provide business training.

Business development centres that control and manage investment funds from which they make fully repayable loans (up to a max of $150,000) to start or expand a business.

Are proactive, progressive community organizations dedicated to strengthening both their community and their community’s economy.

 Providing an investment fund for new or growing businesses.

 Promoting the importance of youth entrepreneurs

 Fostering community and regional partnerships through liaisons with local, provincial and federal groups to enhance rural service.

 Providing general, technical and financial assistance to new or existing business ventures.


We provide the Services you need to launch, purchase or expand your business!
- Loans up to $150,000
- Business plan development & assistance
- Connecting you to resources