Emergency Preparedness


EMO Committee

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Make a Family Communication Plan

Your family may not be together when a storm disaster strikes.  Plan how you will stay informed and contact one another.  Review what you will do in different situations. For more info click here.

Winter Storm Safety

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Sask Alert Information

Sask Alert is the Government of Saskatchewan emergency public alerting program that provides critical information on emergencies in real time, so you can take action to protect yourself, your family and your property.

An emergency alert issued through Sask Alert will let you know:

  • What the emergency is,
  • Where it is happening,
  • Provide instructions for you to follow to stay safe, and
  • Advise you when the incident is over.

Alerts can be issued by:

  • Environment Canada – they issue all types and levels of weather-related alert.
  • Government of Saskatchewan Ministries, Crowns & Agencies – they issue alerts for their areas of responsibility when emergency events are occurring that have the potential to affect life and safety.
  • Participating Local Governing Jurisdications – Any local jurisdication who has participated and trained in the Sask Alert Program.
    • Town of Rosetown is a participant of the Sask Alert Program; therefore can issue local emergency alerts for the Town as well as surrounding R.M.’s that have signed mutual agreements.  The Town has 2 individuals trained to issue alerts:
      • Rome Molsberry
      • Bob White
      • Town of Rosetown is seeking more individuals interested in training to issue alerts.  Two individuals for the size of the area is not enough.  If you are interested please contact the above individuals or the Town of Rosetown at 306-882-2214.

How to get an Alert?

  • Sask Alert website
    • www.saskalert.ca
    • Broadcasters
      • Radio & t.v. will issue all critical alerts issued by Federal. Provincial & Local Alerting Authorities.
      • Sask Alert App