Waste Transfer Station in Development

January 03, 2018

On March 1, 2018, The Town of Rosetown will open a waste transfer station at the present site of the Rosetown landfill. The Town will develop, operate and manage the transfer station, which will replace the landfill as Rosetown's solution for waste disposal.

How and why was this decision made?

In June of 2017, Town Council received information from their engineer that the cost to develop the next landfill cell (waste pit) would be approximately $1.5 million; five times the cost to develop the current cell back in 2014. A new cell would have the same lifespan (three years) as the existing cell, which is now close to full.


The increased cost to develop a landfill cell is the result of Saskatchewan Environment rules and regulations for the operation of landfills across the province. Saskatchewan Environment legislation has stringent environmental requirements for landfills to prevent leeching, which include the installation of a high-quality lining in the cell, the development of a leech pond, monitoring systems, regular reporting and inspections. It’s notable that Saskatchewan has a disproportionately high number of landfills compared to other provinces and states.


To reach their decision, Council consulted with their landfill partners (R.M. of St. Andrews and Town of Zealandia) who had a collective agreement for cost-sharing the Town of Rosetown landfill. The Town reviewed the viability and cost-effectiveness of several options, including the Kindersley and Outlook regional landfills, a Town-operated transfer station and waste distribution system, and contracting a third party to operate a transfer station.


How will this impact residents?

Residents will not see a change to their current household waste pick-up, in which there is a two-bag per-week limit and waste is collected in the back-alleys for most of the year. The tag-a-bag program will still be in place and tags will be accepted at the transfer station. The Town will maintain our existing contract with Belgar Waste Management for waste collection. Belgar will now take waste to the transfer station, where Town staff will be responsible to ensure it is sorted and transported to a nearby regional landfill. Rosetown’s current Landfill Supervisor will transition to her role as Transfer Station Supervisor. Rosetown has signed a one-year contract with Loraas who will provide roll-off bins at the transfer station, and haul the bins away, as required.


Presently, Rosetown residents pay $9 a month on their water bills for household waste collection. We hope to maintain as close to the current rate as possible for the first year of operation of the transfer station, and complete a cost-review at the end of the year once a scale is installed. Prices have not been finalized, but the Town’s current estimates are approximately four cents per pound. Residents from the Town of Rosetown, the R.M. of St. Andrews and the Town of Zealandia who visit the transfer station to dispose of waste will pay a partner rate for a gate tipping fee. The Town will notify residents of these rates shortly. Town of Rosetown, R.M. of St. Andrews and Town of Zealandia residents will be required to present their landfill access card to receive the partner gate tipping fee at the transfer station.


What will the transfer station look like?

The transfer station will have a series of large, roll-off bins pushed up against a dirt berm. Garbage trucks will be able to approach the edge of the berm to dump their waste. Bins will be designated for specific types of materials. Some examples include: household waste, furniture, construction materials, metal and appliances, similar to the sorting system at the landfill. The sorted waste bins will be picked up by Loraas and directed to a regional landfill. In the spring, the Town will install a scale to weigh incoming waste to determine fair pricing, which is common practice across the province. A gate tipping fee will be charged by metric tonne.

The Town of Rosetown will still be responsible to meet the Saskatchewan Environment rules and regulations for the decommissioning and closure of the landfill, estimated at $1.5 million. Even after the decommissioning, the Town will remain liable for the landfill site.


For inquiries, please contact:

Michele Schmidt, CAO
Town of Rosetown