The community of Rosetown has several advantages to offer its citizens:

Citizens can develop a healthy lifestyle through the services provided by the health care system. With a hospital, emergency services, long term care and a variety of community services, young and old are in good hands with the health care professionals in Rosetown. Whether it's relaxing in a park, taking up a sport or joining an organization, Rosetown has the available resources to keep an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

An educated lifestyle is not hard to obtain through the education system available in Rosetown. Children can receive schooling from preschool to highschool. Some post secondary education and trades training is available from Prairie West College. Anyone can further their education by a trip to the library or taking a class at the local college.

Rosetown provides an affordable lifestyle. Housing both to own and rent are priced lower than in the cities and all the necessary utility services are provided.

Residents can live their life in this safe and well informed community. RCMP and volunteer firefighters strive to keep the community safe. While the local newspapers and radio station keep everyone current with regional news and events.