Environmental Services


The south landfill is located approximately 2 km south (sign located on Highway #4) and 4 km east of the Town of Rosetown. 

Hours of Operation:  

Tuesday through Saturday, excluding statutory holidays
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.  to 5:30 p.m.

Dumping Charges:

Anyone entering the landfill must pay these fees or will be refused dumping privileges

Minimum charge for each load up to and Including:

                                                                            Without sides                    With sides

½ ton truck                                                          $  20.00                               $  40.00

Single axle trailer                                                 $  20.00                               $  40.00

Tandem axle trailer                                              $  30.00                               $  60.00

1 ton truck                                                           $  40.00                               $  80.00

2 ton truck                                                           $  50.00                               $100.00

3 ton truck                                                           $  70.00                               $140.00

Tandem truck                                                      $120.00                               $240.00

End-dump/semi truck                                          $600.00                               $1,200.00

Tires                                                                     not accepted

Tree Trimmings                                                   no charge

Clean Wood                                                        no charge

Clean Dirt                                                            no charge

Roll-off Bins will be measured and fee determined based on size, using existing fees.

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is one of the serviced provided by the Town of Rosetown.

View the MAP for days when garbage collection is in each area of town.

All refuse placed for pickup must be bagged in standard sized garbage bags with a maximum weight of 20 kg (44 lbs).  

Each household is allowed two bags a week and any additional bags will require tags.  Each commercial business is allowed two bags per pick up which amounts to four bags per week, any additional bags will require tags. 

Tags can be purchased at the Town Office for $1.25 per tag.


Wheatland Regional Centre and SARCAN


Sarcan RecyclingThe Wheatland Regional Centre (WRC) in Rosetown provides opportunities for twenty-six people with disabilities. These opportunities include an Industry Program, Activity Program, Supportive Independent Living Program, Supportive Apartment Living Program, two group homes and two SARCAN depots in Rosetown and Biggar.

The participants run the SARCAN depot for recycling beverage cans, bottles, glass, and milk jug containers. The depot was the first one in operation in Saskatchewan. In addition, the Wheatland Regional Centre has a centre for recycling cardboard and paper. WRC opened the doors to their new SARCAN building in July 2007. The 36-ft by 73-ft facility includes a new horizontal baler allowing triple the amount of cardboard to be recycled. The new building will allow the former location to be used fully by the WRC.

To add to their environmental services, WRC sports one of the largest composting sites in Saskatchewan with plans to improve the set up. WRC also recycles computers and electronics in conjunction with Rosetown Recycling. All computer parts not used to refurbish other computers can be sent to WRC by request to Rosetown Recycling. For more information on the Wheatland Regional Centre or their recycling program contact them at (306) 882-4257.