Safety Services


RCMP StationThe Rosetown Detachment consists of a Public Servant, Sergeant, Corporal, five Constables and two Highway Patrol Constables. Located at 313 - 6th Street East. the current detachment was opened in August of 1995. The Rosetown RCMP police eight municipalities including: Rosetown, Harris, Elrose, D'Arcy, Zealandia, McGee, Tessier, Herschel, Wiseton and Sovereign. As of July 2002, 911 service is now available in Rosetown. Contact the local RCMP detachment at (306) 882-5700.

Rosetown Fire Department

There are 20 volunteer fire fighters within the Rosetown Fire Department. Protection is provided to the Town of Rosetown, Town of Zealandia, RM of St. Andrews, RM of Marriott, RM of PleaValley and the RM of Mountain View. 

Fire DepartmentThe department is equipped with 2 pumpers, an aerial with a pump and a rescue van. 911 service   is now available in Rosetown area as of July 2002. For more information on the Fire Department contact their office at (306) 882-2513