Town Bylaws, Permits & Policies

These bylaws are provided solely for research convenience. Official bylaws and
any amendments are available from the Town Office, and must be consulted for
purposes of interpretation and application of the law. A hard copy of the
official bylaw and its amendments are available upon request.

Building Bylaw

**Building permits applications must accompany ALL permit Applications

Building Permit Application & Development Permint Application


Attached Garage Worksheet Basement Development Worksheet 
Deck Foundation Deck Worksheet
Detached Garage Worksheet Demo/Moving Permit
Dwelling Addition Sample Drawing

Development Levy Bylaw

Development Levy Study - Final

Mobile Home Worksheet  Mobile Home Requirements


Residential Building - please contact:

Meridan Inspections Ltd. 

Warman, SK   306-380-1969

Commercial Building - please contact:

Municode Services Ltd. 

409 Central St. West, Warman, SK       306-955-6355

 Other Bylaws

Administrative Bylaw  Animal Control Bylaw

ATV Bylaw

Cemetery Bylaw

     - Brochure   - Application

     - Internment Order

Civic Address Numbering Bylaw

Criminal Record Check Bylaw

Code of Ethics Bylaw

 Civic Centre Bylaw

Est. of EMO

False Alarm Bylaw

Firepit Bylaw

Firearms & Fireworks

Fire Prevention Bylaw Home Based Business Bylaw
Noise Bylaw

Property Maintenance &

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

Sign Bylaw

    - Sign Permit Application

Snowmobile Bylaw

Snow Removal Bylaw

 Social Media Policy

Sidewalk Clearing Obstruction Bylaw

Sewer Rates Bylaw

Sewer Root Policy

Tax Discounts and Penalties

Fixed Assessment

Health Levy 

Minimum Tax

Base Tax

Infrastructure Levy

Mill Rate Factor



Traffic Bylaw

     - Truck Route Map

     - Traffic Ammendment

             - Contractor Trailer

Waste Bylaw  

Waste Collection

Water Service Bylaw


Zoning Bylaw - Working Copy

Official Community Plan



If you have any questions concerning the bylaws contact:
Town Office