Recreation Committee

The Town of Rosetown Recreation Committee is a sub-committee of Town Council that oversees the Parks & Recreation Department staff, facilities, programs and services.   Maintenance of the following facilities in Rosetown include the AGT Foods Centre; Rosetown Leisure Aquatic Centre; Sports Grounds (including Ball Diamonds, Beach Volleyball Court; Outdoor Rink & Soccer Pitches); Tennis Courts; Parks; etc.  The department also shares duties with Public Works department with regards to the Cemetery; Blvd. trees; Town lots; Community Hall; Library; etc.  

Public Works 

The Town of Rosetown Public Works Committee is a sub-committee of Town Council, that oversees the Public Works Department staff, facilities and services. The Public Works Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.  Meeting packages are sent out to Committee members the Friday prior to the meeting.  Groups or items wishing to be on the agenda must be forwarded in writing prior to the Friday to be in the meeting package for that meeting.

Community & Business Development 

Rosetown's Community & Business Development Committee is a committee of Council Members. They meet regularly to discuss economic development priorities and opportunities for Rosetown, including business incentives, commercial and residential development, revitalization projects, collaborative projects with community groups,communications and marketing, and more. 

Protective Services

The Bylaw Official is responsible for education and enforcement of Town Bylaws and Provincial Statutes within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Rosetown and any other municipality which, through agreement with the Town of Rosetown, may contract the duties of the Bylaw Official.