Public Works Department

Town of Rosetown Public Works Committee

The Town of Rosetown Public Works Committee is a sub-committee of Town Council, that oversees the Public Works Department staff, facilities and services.  Currently the Public works Committee is made up of:  Mayor Brian Gerow, Committee Chairperson Tim Askin, Town Councillor Rome Molsberry. The Public Works Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.  Meeting packages are sent out to Committee members the Friday prior to the meeting.  Groups or items wishing to be on the agenda must be forwarded in writing prior to the Friday to be in the meeting package for that meeting.

Public Works Department Staff


Bob Bors


Craig Patenaude

Full Time Public Works Staff

Andrew Vallely, Raynor Amos, Gordon Snaith, Aaron Walker, Shane McLean & 

Blain McGonigal

Water Treatment Plant Staff

Alan Hettrick, Mike Niccolls, Andrew Vallely and Aaron Walker

Landfill Staff

Sandra Carstairs

Public Works Department Guiding Statements & Documents

Town of Rosetown Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategic Plan

Public Works Department Facilities & Infrastructure

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the following:  Water Treatment Plant, Landfill & Lagoon, Town Shop, water & sewer lines, streets.   The Department also shares duties with the Parks & Recreation department in regards to the Cemetery, Town Lots, Community Hall, Library, boulevard trees.

Public Works Services

Landfill Hours and Rates

Snow Removal Schedule         Snow Removal Bylaw

Sewer Root Policy

Miscellaneous Equipment Borrowing Policy

Water Treatment Plant - water rate at the Treatment Plant for the truck fill is $11.00/1000 gallons or $2.42/cubic meter

Garbage Pickup Map