How does the Town manage snow removal?

The first priority for snow removal are main arteries, including and in no particular order: 

  • Access area for ambulance services
  • Rose Villa entrance via Centennial Drive
  • Fire Hall ramp
  • Main Street
  • 9th Avenue
  • 6th Street
  • 6th Avenue
  • Residential areas

Snow on Main Street is hauled first, followed by 1st, 2nd and 3rd Avenue (east and west sides).

Town-owned parking lots are cleared after streets are cleared. The Town does not clear any private parking lots for private businesses, nor sidewalks (except for Town-owned property).

Back lanes are cleared with front-end loaders and the streets are cleaned by graders. The front-end loaders are able to move snow quicker than the graders, so lanes are often cleared before residential streets. Streets that are congested with parked vehicles are cleared when the majority of the parked vehicles have been moved. This alleviates the problem of the graders burying the vehicles as they grade the streets.

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