Ball Programs in Rosetown

The Minor Ball Program in Rosetown is organized by the Rosetown Minor Athletics Association (RMAA). The RMAA handles registration, fees, coaches, umpires and teams. RMAA also handles the equipment; currently the RMAA Equipment Manager is filled by a volunteer Board Member. The Parks and Recreation Department assists with registration and does the scheduling of the ball diamonds for practice and play. The Department is also responsible for booking and keys for the batting cage. The Department also does the mowing of the outfields and the dragging of the infields. The team coaches are responsible to do the lining of the diamonds prior to games.

Adult Softball

There is currently no adult softball program in Rosetown. In 2010 a Senior Baseball team was started which played exhibition games, tournaments and entered provincial playdowns. In 2011 they are looking to get into a league. This team was started by Ryan Wickett 306-831-0143 and Kent Carlson 306-831-8087.

Softball game in Rosetown

Slo-pitch League

The Co-ed Slo-pitch league is organized by Community Volunteers who handle the rules, schedule and playoff format (if necessary). Annually a league meeting is held in April to find out the number of teams; individuals looking to join teams and to discuss rules / schedule / playoff format. The Parks and Recreation Department does the diamond scheduling. First priority on the diamonds is the minor ball program.

Rosetown Angels

The Rosetown Angels is a senior men's baseball team centred out of Rosetown. They have been established for a several years. View the Fertile Valley League Website.

The Angels have been Fertile Valley League Champions 4 times in the past several years.