Landfill and Transfer Station

As of November 1, 2018, the Town of Rosetown Landfill transitioned into a fully operational Transfer Station as Rosetown’s solution for waste disposal. 


The Rosetown Landfill & Transfer Station (map) is accessible from Highway 4, approximately 2 kilometers south of the intersection of Highways 4 and 7, turn east at the landfill sign.


It is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 to 5:30 p.m., closed on statutory holidays.

Using the Transfer Station

When a user arrives at the Transfer Station, they will drive their vehicle onto the scale where it will be weighed. After dumping their waste at the appropriate site, their vehicle will be weighed again and they will be charged the difference according to the fees below. The Transfer Station will accept payment by debit, cheque or cash. The tag-a-bag program remains in place for residents to dispose of excess household waste at $2.00 per bag. Access to the demolition pit is dependent on a dry weather road.


The Transfer Station is only open to residents from the Town of Rosetown, the R.M. of St. Andrews and the Town of Zealandia who present their landfill access card to the operator at the gate.


The Transfer Station will accept payment by debit, cheque or cash

The following Transfer Station tipping fees will be charged at the gate:

  • $25 per load up to a maximum of 225 kg.
  • Anything over 225 kg will be $115.00 per metric tonne.

Demolition Material

All demolition / renovation / construction material, shingles and concrete are subject to the $115.00 per metric tonne tipping fee. All other loads must be sorted.

Please note:

  • Anyone entering the landfill must pay these fees or will be refused dumping privileges.
  • All loads must be sorted prior to dumping. Any dirty loads will be charged (5) times the amount of a regular load.
  • All charges are subject to change without notice.


Residents may continue to purchase tags for $2.00/each at the Town Office in Rosetown for disposal of waste (in excess of their two-bag-per-week household pick-up) at the Transfer Station.

No Charge

We will accept tree trimmings, clean wood, and clean dirt at no charge.

The Project

In January 2018, the Town of Rosetown announced that it would open a waste Transfer Station at the present site of the Landfill, and work towards the decommissioning of the Landfill. Council made this decision in an effort to keep costs down, as operation and maintenance costs for landfill’s in the province have become unsustainable. The site was fully constructed by the Town’s Public Works department, from moving dirt and gravel, to building berms, installing a scale, and relocating the operator booth. Rosetown contracted Loraas to provide roll-off bins designated for different materials, and to haul waste away to a regional landfill. 

Residents will not see a change to their current household waste pick-up, in which there is a two-bag per-week limit and waste is collected in the back-alleys for most of the year. The tag-a-bag program will still be in place and tags will be accepted at the transfer station. The Town will maintain our existing contract with Belgar Waste Management for waste collection.

The Town will still be responsible for the decommissioning of the landfill and will remain liable for the site.

Image of the scale at the transfer station
Image of transfer station
Photo of clean wood pile at landfill