Public Participation

Council and Committee Meetings are public and all are welcome to attend.

Anyone who would like to submit an item for the agenda of any town meeting must do so in advance, no later than 12:00 noon on the Friday of the week prior to the meeting. 

In accordance with the Council Procedure Bylaw: when a person wishes to have a communication considered by council, it shall be addressed to council, and:

  1. Clearly set out the matter in issue and the request; and
  2. For written communications, must be printed, typewritten or legibly written, contain the mailing address of the writer and be signed with the name of the writer; or
  3. For electronic communications, must contain the name of the writer and both the mailing and electronic address of the writer.

The CAO will review the correspondence and make a decision regarding placement on the agenda for Council or Committee.

Submissions for agenda(s) can be: